Duggan’s pharmacy offers a wide range of great services to their customers. These include the likes of:


Blood Tests

This helps to assess your overall health. It can detect any illnesses you may have such as diabetes, HIV or anemia. It also helps to see how well your blood clots. It is important to go for regular blood tests in order to monitor your health. 

Cholesterol Tests

This is to test whether you have high or low levels of cholesterol. High cholesterol can increase your chance of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke. Very low cholesterol also poses it’s own health risks.


Blood Pressure Tests

This measures the pressure in your arteries as your heart beats. High blood pressure can be an indicator of stress or heart disease. Low blood pressure can also be dangerous with symptoms like nausea and fainting.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

This is a measure of your body fat in relation to your height and weight. This gives an indication of whether your weight falls into a healthy range or not. It is widely used to help measure obesity.


Flu Vaccine

This helps your immune system to produce antibodies to the influenza virus. Once vaccinated, if you come into contact with the virus, these antibodies will attack it and stop you from getting sick.  This can be particularly helpful for those who have weaker immune systems.


Variety of Cosmetic Brands

Duggan’s Pharmacy stocks a selection of cosmetic brands such as Catrice, Vichy, Flormar, Sally Hansen, Max Factor and many more.


Passport Photos 

At Duggan’s Pharmacy you can have your passport photo taken to ensure it meets the criteria and standards of the passport office. These photos can also be used as ID photos.